Participants of the AN-2 fly-in 2020

If you too would like to come, we kindly ask you to register ».
There are no landing fees for all registered participants and you can fill up with AvGas at the "old-timer price" of 1.99 Euro per litre.

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Here are the participants registered so far


Flugzeugtyp: AN-2 (Bj. 1980)
Heimatplatz: Kattleberg Airport (ZZZZ)


Flugzeugtyp: An-2T (Bj. 1968)
Heimatplatz: Hradec Kralove (LKHK)


Flugzeugtyp: AN 2 (Bj. 1957)
Heimatplatz: Reinsdorf (EDOD)


Flugzeugtyp: An2 (Bj. 1969)
Heimatplatz: Luxemburg (ELLX)


Flugzeugtyp: Antonow An-2 (Bj. 1968)
Heimatplatz: Paderborn/Lippstadt (EDLP)


Flugzeugtyp: An-2 (Bj. 1976)
Heimatplatz: Neuhausen (Cottbus) (EDAP)

The following registered participants are no AN-2, but they are still great aircraft. You are of course still very welcome and we will surely find a nice place for you to park next to the "big planes". :-)


Flugzeugtyp: SAAB Safir SB91 (Bj. 1953)
Heimatplatz: Ljungbyhed (ESTL)

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